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Wrap up 2021

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I started this logs page to write frequently, but it is not going very well. Here we go, yet another yearly log.

New hobbies

I started collecting vintage keyboards during the early months of last year. I initially started with IBM boards due to my love for clicky switches. Then after a while, I learned about hundreds of varieties of switches that were manufactured in the last century, and obviously, I have started to collect them.

Keyboard cringe collage

I have started a page to document most of them and learned to take better pictures of my boards. Technically, I am now a tech hoarder.


Loki has been staying with my parents for the past two years and he is a happy cat. He enjoys his mornings and evenings chasing butterflies in their garden and sleeping all other time. I have stayed most part of the year with them and moved to Bangalore in November.

Loki helping me focus

When I went back to visit, he had almost forgotten me :(


Well, for me 2021 was a dull and quiet year, and I don’t have many updates. With the pandemic easing up, I am hoping to get more outdoor exposure in 2022 but it seems like I couldn’t care less about it anymore.