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Wrap up 2020

It took me a some time to compile my thoughts down for this post. 2020 hasn’t been easy on the most and hence this won’t be a normal retrospect a year log, rather I will introspect the revelations I had during the past year.

The good/ususal times

Ye, the first two months!. Just came back to my usual life from a beautiful snowy vacation and everything was still great.

The pandemic

Well it wasn’t expected, no-one was prepared and there were chaos!

Couldn’t return to my apartment and had to stay with my parents the whole year. The company lost clients and I had to search for a new job. The first company that offered me a job, postponed the joining date for two months. Couldn’t find any cat food due to the lockdown related logistical halt.

I was definitely not as affected as others whose loss was much greater than me, however these things changed my perspective towards life.

The learnings

  • At the end everything we do is to survive and go to a higher peking order by accumulating more resources.
  • The life we live is based on an extremely delicate supply chain and can be disrupted by anything slightly threatening.
  • Liquid assets may not matter at those times, but having some is better than none.

New job

Eventually I landed a job in a much better place with a great tech stack.

There was a giant learning curve, the pressure of working with a highly talented team and hence the imposter syndrome, but with time things gradually became normal as I began to understand the architecture better.

New rig

Finally got enough time to build a gaming rig, and play on it. It was surreal.

I mostly played Rust , Read dead redemption 2 , and Cyberpunk 2077 last year. Out of those I absolutely loved playing Rust. It’s a wonderful open-world, sandboxed, interactive and a pretty brutal game. Nothing beats getting yelled at by a bunch of kids.


2020 turned out to be quite eventful for Loki too. He travelled economy with me, the flight attendants loved him. So he is now living with my parents, seems like he loves the garden, chasing birds on the roof and running around the house, rather than living in a tiny apartment.

And here he is.

Loki has definitely helped me sail through the pandemic, waking me up every morning and making me laugh by his quirky acts.


I have gotten a bit lazier, probably a bit wiser, put on some weight, didn’t learn any skills. I have no complains whatsoever.