Wrap up 2019

Guess it’s time to retrospect the last 12 months.

I will be talking about topics that I have worked on or learned. These are listed in no particular order.


In June I switched my job and accepted a position of a back-end developer in a fairly new company with a brand new project. The tech stack was python and angular. Even though Python was my first love, by that time I was more of a JavaScript guy rather than a Pythonista. Luckily I got more than enough support from my team to understand the implemented code base and in no time I was comfortable enough finish several Jira tasks.

I have learned Flask as it is the de facto framework for all the projects we have been building here. I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to express.js, which in fact helped me accelerating my learning.

Python is so straight forward and fun, sometimes I wonder why I left it in the first place.


Even though I have been building React applications for more than two years, This year, particularly the first half in Turbot I got an opportunity to build/contribute to a project which helped me understand the design patterns around a front-end application, code-splitting, authorization, authentication and much more.

Touch typing

This is something I am actually proud of.

Fortunately I was able to get a job that respects the work life balance everybody should have. Ironically given the fact that I had little difference between work and my life(my cat sighs 😾!), I chose to develop some nerd powers that I have been dreaming to have for a long time.I have always wanted to learn touch typing since I saw one of my ex-colleague writing code at 80wpm.

I never actually got time to practice/focus on it until after June, when I changed my job and joined the above mentioned company. The project was in its infancy and all I had to do is write code without looking down at my keyboard. I will admit, it was really tough to break an ancient practice of peeking and typing until I replaced my keyboard keycaps with blank ones.

Also 10fastfingers.com and typingclub were a great help in practicing too.


This year was monumental for my personal vim experience.

My vim configuration got much matured. Coupling with touch-typing I almost felt like a Wizard I always wanted to be. I even wrote some posts on customizing vim for different purposes too.

Pretty good huh!


Honestly it was a pretty good year for me. A new job, new city and a bunch of cool stuff to learn!

Hope Loki approves this post.

He got me this year too.