Status update #2

Guess it’s time for a status update.

2020 huh. Well as usual I don’t have a resolution this year. My resolution deadlines are quite small and always ends with utter disappointment, so I better not mention it here.(recruiters ignore this)

Let’s get serious!

New project

In January, I started working on a project named Solitude. It’s a note taking application which is using GitHub as a CMS. It will create and maintain a repository of notes and will sync them in real-time. The design is inspired from which uses GitHub issues to store blog comments. This website uses Utterances too.

Solitude aims to be a very opinionated and self-controlled note taking application. Hence the contents of the solitude-maintained repository should only be modified by the application in order to maintain a stable state.

I am using React, Redux and GitHub’s graphQL API to build this application. Also using Codemirror as the note taking editor.

The hardest part building this application is to rememeber technologies that I haven’t used in almost an year.

New project ideas 1. A micro server to authenticate GitHub 2. Minimal static site generator

I will be using python to build both the projects.

New languages

I have been writting Javascript and Python for the pase 4 years and I have always believed that these two are enough to satisfy all my needs as web developer. Then I came accross a Talk and I decided that I gotta learn LISP.

Also I am thinking to switching to Emacs. Already joined their camp on reddit.

P.S: Unedited and raw stuff