Status update #1

I have been spending so much time and energy tweaking this website, that I feel like I should maintain a log for it. No Git commit messages are not enough anymore. It’s kinda fun owning a place on the internet but at the same time it should at least mean something.

This update brings a list of logs where I will be writing more often now. Logs will be mostly unimportant and personal(Not that personal).

Also It is a better place to write about personal experiences about non tech stuff and I don’t have to worry about too much for the content. I am having a thought on writing political articles too. I seriously think the media in India is not representing different angles to a problem. All I hear is only two sides where as there could be thousands of views and perspectives to any problem.

I think I gotta give it a try, now that I can.

P.S: Unedited and raw stuff